TSI Value — A Member Perspective

Con-Sul, Inc.

Con-Sul, Inc. joined TSI in 2007 as a charter consulting member. Uniting Con-Sul's 30 years of sulphur industry experience with TSI's recognized role as an industry voice and advocate, just makes good sense. Con-Sul is proud of the contributions we made to TSI's initiatives throughout our years of membership and thankful for the services TSI provided.

TSI's mission has never been more relevant, as it plays an increasingly important role, facilitating interaction among world-wide members and national agencies. We are pleased to be able to 'give back' in ways that help make TSI’s efforts more effective and rewarding.

Jerry d'Aquin
Con-Sul, Inc.

Savage Services Corporation

Savage has been a member of TSI since 2003. Owning and operating sulphur handling facilities and transportation assets throughout North America is a large part of our business. We at Savage pride ourselves as a premium services provider in the sulphur industry.

One of the primary reasons for joining and maintaining membership in TSI is the additional knowledge and experience we gain from our membership. Through TSI's global reach and diverse membership, our membership provides us the opportunity to expand our reach in the sulphur business and maintain contact with a global array of sulphur producers, consumers and many other companies that engage in the sulphur business. Most important and valuable to our company has been the ability to share and improve our safety and environmental operating and management practices, which have greatly benefited our company and the overall industry.

Jack Cohn
TSI Chair 2012-2013
Sr. Vice President - Sulphur Industry Unit
Savage Services Corporation
Salt Lake City, UT

The Mosaic Company

The Mosaic Company has been a TSI member for over 10 years. Sulphur is a key, strategic raw material our phosphate fertilizer manufacturing process and Mosaic ranks among the world's largest consumers of sulphur at four million tons annually.

An instrumental factor in Mosaic joining TSI is that TSI's membership includes a broad spectrum of entities worldwide that touch all facets of sulphur, inclusive of, but not limited to: producers, consumers, marketers, service providers, transportation/storage/handling entities, consultants, equipment manufacturers, etc. TSI provides us the opportunity to interact with our sulphur colleagues globally to share "best practices" that we can apply within our operations for safe transportation and handling of sulphur and employee safety practices. Through TSI we also stay abreast of important sulphur-related developments that impact our business.

Hermann H. Wittje
Director, Raw Materials
The Mosaic Company
Lithia, Florida, USA

Jupiter Sulphur LLC

Having come from the production side of the sulphur industry I find the frequent historical data sent out by the staff at The Sulphur Institute invaluable as I expand my knowledge of the sulphur industry. Beyond the excellent information, the opportunity provided by the TSI to meet others working in sulphur related fields has been a significant help to me.

Greg Roggentine
Vice President & General Manager
Jupiter Sulphur, LLC
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Jupiter Sulphur LLC

From my perspective The Sulphur Institute provided value to my little business for several reasons: I appreciated the fact that sulphur could be a misunderstood element and product. The Institute provides an uncommonly effective vehicle to allow ALL the sulphur industry stakeholders to come forward with a common voice. In concert with this, the advocacy and the bringing of sense to bear as it relates to regulation and governmental intervention is a good thing for every company that touches the industry. My affiliation with the Institute and the need as a member for active involvement provided an opportunity to work toward logical goals and conclusions which have often helped form the basis for governmental (globally) involvement in our industry. Since I believe that it is incumbent on sulphur industry stakeholders to bring something positive to the industry as a whole. It was important for me to be actively engaged as part of the solution rather than as a bystander. My membership in the Institute provided that vehicle for involvement.

In my mind the program that brings the most value to sulphur industry stakeholders is the Environmental Health and Safety working group. Although it is difficult to actually put monetary values on human life and safety, that working group has done more to draw focus to what is truly important, than any group in any venue, that I have ever been affiliated with. I am proudest of the accomplishments and learnings that that group has freely shared not only equitably among the membership which range from the largest corporations in the world to small affiliates like me, that are normally fierce competitors in their focus markets, but also openly to and anxiously shared across the full industry regardless of membership affiliation.

Finally, as a small producer with little prestige from a corporate standpoint my affiliation in the Institute gave me access to the mind and thought process to the larger producers. It gave me a forum wherein regardless of anything else I was given a level playing ground on which to interface. There is no better opportunity for networking throughout the complete spectrum of the industry than membership and active involvement in The Sulphur Institute.

Kevin Boltz
Jupiter Sulphur, LLC and Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.
TSI chair 2008-2009
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Benefits of Membership in TSI

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