TSI Programs in India

The Sulphur Institute (TSI) has been involved in the promotion of plant nutrient sulphur in India since the early 1980s. The major areas of work (often in collaboration with national programs) have covered the production and distribution of India-specific literature for various target groups ranging from policy-makers to farmers in English and local languages; organization of symposia, seminars and workshops; production and distribution of status reports and market studies; and conducting a large number of soil analyses, field trials, on farm demonstration and farmers field days.


Research and Extension Projects

During the past two decades, TSI has sponsored a number of research and extension projects. The largest of these has been the TSI-FAI-IFA project on "Sulphur in Balanced Fertilisation," coordinated by FAI. It ran from 1997 to 2006. The trials were carried out by research institutions in 18 states with the three main objectives of:

  1. Delineating sulphur deficient areas
  2. Evaluating the response of important cropping systems to sulphur application
  3. Promoting sulphur fertilizer use


Workshops and Seminars

From 1988 to 2006, a number of symposia, seminars and workshops have been organized for various stake holders. The basic objective of these was to compile and deliberate upon the research data generated and its practical utility for increasing agricultural production. Towards this end the promotion of PNS and emphasis on increasing the availability of fertilizer supplies to meet the needs arising from increasing incidence of S deficiency in soils and crops was also focused upon.



Starting in 1984, TSI sponsored a number of technical, semi-technical and extension publications. The major ones are listed below:

  • Sulphur Research and Agricultural Production in India (also its 3rd edition).
  • TSI-FAI Symposium on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilization.
  • Sulphur Containing Fertilizers – A Guidebook.
  • TSI-FAI-IFA Symposium on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilization.
  • TSI-PRISM-FAI Sulphur in Balanced Fertilizer Use–Proceedings of four Regional Workshops.
  • TSI-FAI-IFA Workshop on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilization.
  • Practical Sulphur Guide.
  • Sources of Sulphur, Their Processing and Use in Fertilizer Manufacture. Proc. No 502, The International Fertilizer Society, UK. Pp 24.
  • TSI-FAI-IFA Workshop on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilization.
  • TSI-FAI-IFA Symposium on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilization.
  • Sulphur Containing Fertilizers (brochure).
  • Correcting Sulphur Deficiencies for Higher Productivity. In FAI Annual Seminar on Holistic Approach to Agriculture and Fertilizers.
  • Practical Sulphur Guide (revised bulletin)

Additionally, state-wise sulphur scenario brochures are available in English and Hindi:

Information and Advocacy Programs

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