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Sulphur is a naturally occurring element that supports more efficient use of the Earth's resources. It is a critical plant nutrient in agriculture, a key ingredient in sustainable urban development, and an essential input in efforts to slow the loss of productive farm land due to soil degradation. Learn how sulphur plays a large role in our everyday life by exploring the resources below!

An Introduction to Sulphur

This section of the TSI website explains where sulphur comes from and how it is processed today. Some of sulphur's many uses and its important role in agriculture are also explored.

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Sulphur in Chinese Agriculture

TSI conducted a three-year project with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture utilizing research and development at 15 Chinese research institutes. Since 1997, The Sulphur Institute has supported this work and led the way to understand the benefits of sulphur in Chinese agriculture.

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Sulphur - an advantaged element®

With its benefits to society, such as improving crop production and the quality of food, modern and environmentally-sensitive construction materials, and its use as a soil amendment it is easy to see why TSI has labeled our recent campaign Sulphur - an advantaged element®.

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Sulphur in Indian Agriculture

TSI has been actively involved in the promotion of plant nutrient sulphur in India since the early 1980s. During the past two decades, TSI has sponsored a number of research and extension projects.

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Sulphur Construction Materials

Were you aware that sulphur can be used in the making of asphalt? Have you ever heard of sulphur concrete?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about sulphur? We may have already answered it on our FAQ page!

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Glossary of Sulphur Terms

Some of the topics on our website can get technical! TSI has defined some our industry's common technical terms on the Glossary page. This page also has more information on the chemical properties of sulphur and its uses.

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