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Environment, Health and Safety

All industries strive to maintain the highest level of worker safety and facility security. Maintaining high levels of safety reduces the potential for costly changes to rules and regulations.

The Sulphur Institute's (TSI) Environment, Health and Safety program provides members with the latest information to help them operate more safely and efficiently. It also offers opportunities for sharing experience and knowledge from a wide range of member companies and allied organizations. The program mission is to monitor, share, evaluate, address, and expand knowledge for members to improve sulphur operations.


As an industry representative and spokesperson, TSI participates in the Hydrogen Sulphide Coalition to promote member companies' interests. As a subgroup of EHS, members formed the Road Transportation Task Group to share "inside-the-gate" information and enhance safety by reducing potential for personal injuries and share leading loading and unloading practices.

TSI's commitment to gathering and sharing leading practices through an open member forum allows members to evaluate their own procedures and take steps to enhance employee awareness and make "inside-the-gate" improvements. Decades of industry experience have opened channels for communication with non-governmental groups, industry stakeholders, and allied industry associations to address issues and maintain a pulse on regulatory proposals.

TSI Staff Contact: Craig Jorgenson


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