about tsi

Mission and Programs

Our Mission:

  • Advocate responsible and beneficial resolution of issues that are associated with international, regional, national and local regulations governing sulphur transportation and logistics — from production facilities and terminals by rail, truck, barge, and marine vessels — on behalf of its members.
  • Monitor, share, evaluate, address and expand knowledge about environmental, health and safety issues impacting sulphur operations, logistics, handling, and storage and improve global practices.
  • Advocate and explore uses for sulphur to demonstrate it as an element valuable to society, consistent with the general principles of product stewardship and corporate social responsibility.
  • Serve as a reliable source of information for the sulphur industry worldwide; be a repository for historical databases; monitor trends in sulphur and sulphur products worldwide and provide timely reports on events, issues and developments that impact the sulphur industry
  • Maintain and provide information that can serve to inform and educate stakeholders and others on key targeted areas of sulphur advocacy and respond to potentially detrimental misinformation regarding sulphur, its origin, transportation, handling, storage, environmental impacts and uses.


  • Transportation Regulations and Logistics
          Steve Martin, Alpha Technical Services, Chair
          Lisa Udstad, The Mosaic Company, Vice Chair
  • Environment, Health & Safety
          Anthony Blake, Martin Operating Partnership, L.P, Chair
         Joe McCann, CSX Railroad, Vice Chair
  • Information and Advocacy
          Jacob Lant, Koch Sulfur, Chair
          Mandie McFarlane, Shell Thiogro Technologies, Vice Chair
  • Sulphuric Acid
          Duane Abbott, Chemtrade Logistics, Chair
          Jocelyn Arcouette, NorFalco, Vice Chair

Our Vision:

TSI is recognized as the foremost industry-wide advocate for sulphur representing all stakeholders actively engaged in the production, marketing, handling or otherwise adding value to sulphur. Our vision is to create a common voice for sulphur producers, consumers, and service providers to promote the ongoing and uninterrupted efficient and safe handling and transport of all sulphur products while protecting the best interests of the environment.