sulphur in agriculture

Sulphur Fertilizer Types

With more than 20 different commercially available sulphur-containing fertilizers, it may be a challenge for farmers to choose the best option. Farmers should speak with a local agronomist or extension agent to determine how to best identify and correct deficiencies in their fields.


Categories of Sulphur Fertilizers

Most sulphur-containing fertilizer materials generally can be divided into four groups: 1) fertilizers containing sulphate, 2) fertilizers containing elemental sulphur, 3) fertilizers containing a combination of sulphate and elemental sulphur, and 4) liquid sulphur fertilizers.

Standard Types of S Fertilizers Chart


Fertilizers Containing Sulphate

Sulphate-containing fertilizers provide most of the fertilizer S applied to soils. These materials have the advantages of supplying S primarily as a component of multi-nutrient fertilizers in a form, SO4-2, that is immediately available for plant uptake. The most readily available and popular sources are ammonium sulphate (AS), single superphosphate (SSP), potassium sulphate, and potassium and magnesium sulphate. Click here to read more.


Fertilizers Containing Elemental Sulphur

Elemental S based fertilizers are the most concentrated S carrier. Modern technologies increased their use in direct applications or as additives to N-P-K fertilizers. Click here to read more.


Liquid Sulphur Fertilizers

Low water solubility hampers the use of several sulphate fertilizers, particularly in liquid formulations, which have gained importance. Click here to read more.