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Transportation Regulations and Logistics

All stakeholders in the sulphur industry strive to reach a common goal: safe and efficient transportation of sulphur by road, rail, inland waterway, or ocean-going marine vessel.

The Sulphur Institute (TSI) established a Transportation Regulations and Logistics program to monitor for proposed regulatory changes, inform its members of changes that could affect sulphur, convene forums for industry stakeholders to determine appropriate action, and provide input as one voice on selected issues.The program mission is to advocate for responsible and beneficial resolution of issues that are associated with international, regional, and local regulations governing sulphur transportation and logistics.


By bringing together member company and government representatives to discuss concerns about proposed changes, TSI can advocate sensible solutions that address sulphur transportation issues. As one example, TSI represents industry on the Association of American Railroads Tank Car Committee (TCC) to advocate industry’s united position, expand contacts, and increase the knowledge of all involved.

By sharing leading practices and the latest industry information in TSI forums, member companies demonstrate their commitment to safe and efficient sulphur transportation. Having a single voice for the industry that can quickly respond to most questions with facts, figures, and expert input ensures the flow of accurate information. Participation in TSI's Transportation Regulations and Logistics activities assists member companies in achieving safe and efficient international transportation of sulphur.

TSI Staff Contact: Craig Jorgenson


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